Everything You Need to Know and More About Voting and Your Voting Rights

The founding fathers have long considered voting as an important step to democracy and freedom. Aside from America, other countries from around the world have long recognized voting rights as a hallmark to liberty. Learn more about Ray Neuberger.

In the year 1776, the people who were only allowed to vote were those who owned lands. In time, all Americans were being given the right to vote with the passing of different constitutional amendments and laws. In the present, you can thus assume that all Americans have the right to vote. Sadly, there are still millions of Americans who do not exercise their right to vote because of gerrymandering, disenfranchisement laws, and ID requirement issues.

Now, are the voting rights of people under threat? The answer to this question depends on the person who you ask and what beliefs you have when it comes to your voting rights.

For the year 2016 in the Presidential election, there were millions of eligible voters who were not able to exercise their voting rights just because their identification did not meet state law requirements on voter ID. For example, North Dakota Native Americans living in reservations only have their PO box as their address on their ID. Unfortunately, you need to have a government ID with your residential address if you want to be a voter as per state voting laws.

Residents in US territories like Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Guam are not being given the right to vote during federal elections. It does not matter if these residents have served in the US military or have paid their federal taxes.

Even if you have the right to vote, you should not vote for someone whom you do not know. One of your rights as a voter is to know where you can learn about the candidates you are voting for. When it comes to learning more about the candidates that you will be voting for, you should do some research work and fact-checking. If you want to learn more about possible candidates, you should speak with the candidate in person and attend some town hall meetings. However, for a lot of people, doing these things is just very much impossible.

It is a good thing that there are now organizations that will take charge in collecting and publishing factual and unbiased information about elected officials and political candidates voluntarily. Their goal is to boost electoral transparency. For all voters, this reliable source of information that is accurate is made by voters for all. As a voter, you have to look into this information made by organizations with no corporate or political affiliations.

There is one thing that you can do if you want nothing more but to protect your voting rights. It is simply by voting that you can protect your right to vote. This means that you should invest your time in finding out if you are a registered voter, knowing your voter ID requirements, and casting your vote. Learn more on Ray Neuberger.

Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Election

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